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December 2016

New 2017 Sinoan Arabians calendar

The new 2017 Sinoan Arabians calendar is arrived ! Contact us by email : sinoan.arabians@gmail.com to order yours, to have it in time for Christmas!

New Straight Egyptian arab horses for sales born in 2016 at Sinoan Arabians

The season was fantastic this year! We got some fabulous foals and we are very happy with them. Some of them are availables for sale ! Check our new sales list, click on the photo !

New Straight Egyptian arabian foals born in 2016 at Sinoan Arabians

The foaling season is now finish! We are very proud of the 2016 babys, specially the ones by the beautiful Frasera AKBAR. We would like to thanks his owner Dr Santoro from La Frasera Stud, and wish a good luck to Akbar who is now back in Italy. To see our babys, go on the foals page.

New Straight Egyptian arabian foals born in 2016 at Sinoan Arabians

The season start so fast with the arrivals of four babys in a week ! You can discover them, click on the photo !

Snowwhite, new Straight Egyptian arabian mare at Sinoan Arabians

S pring is here soon ! With it, will come the news awaiting foals! Also, a new mare join our stud. We are more than happy to show you Snowwhite.

Frasera Akbar le pèreJmiaa la mère

W e wish to all your friends, clients an Happy New Year, full of joy, love, life and peace. To start this year, we invite you to discover our arabians and part bred arabs foals wainting for this spring. Less than two months to wait and they will be there ! To discover them please click on image.

Straight Egyptian breedings stud fees for sale by Sinoan Arabians

S pecial offer ! Reserve now your 2016 breeding (until december 15, 2015). Frasera AKBAR : Black Straight Egyptian stallion strain Saklawi Jidran (Moniet El Nefous) Tameri MAIH Jamil : Chestnut Straight Egyptian stallion strain Saklawi Jidran (Moniet El Nefous) Inquiry by E- mail : sinoan.arabians@gmail.com Feel free to share this with your friends !

Frasera Akbar étalon Pur Sang Arabe à Equita Lyon au salon du cheval

W e are more than happy to be for the first time at Salon du Cheval Equita in Lyon for this end of October. We would like to thanks all peoples who come to meet us and our horses there. We was so happy to share the love and passion of the Straight Egyptian arabian horses. See you soon in future !

Frasera Akbar étalon Pur Sang Arabe à Equita Lyon au salon du cheval

W e will be at The salon du Cheval at Lyon from october 28 to November, 1st. We offer two entries for the Salon! To win these entries, go on the Sinoan Arabians Facebook page, on the top, the first publication (same photo like here). 1) Like our photo. 2) Comment the photo with the colour that you prefer on arabian horse. 3) Like our page Sinoan Arabians. 4) Share our photo! On october 15 we will give the result of the winner ! Good luck to all !

Sinoan BAHIR El Aswad arrived at Uzès endurance race!

A ll our fingers crossed for Marilyne Emery and her magnificent Sinoan BAHIR El Aswad. They are well arrived at Uzes to race tomorrow in 40 km !We wish you all the best ! Stay in touch tomorrow for the news !

Discover the video of the arabian broodmare of Sinoan Arabians

D iscover the video of our mares and foals enjoy our pastures in Franche Comté ! Enjoy !

Arabians foals from Sinoan Arabians

N ew pictures of our foals are online ! Some of our news foals find already their new homes. We are so happy and would like to congratulate again their new proud owners !

Black Arabian colt foal from Sinoan Arabians

W e want to congratulate the new proud owner of our georgous black colt Sinoan Faraz El Aswad. More than a sold of a horse, for us it's the start of new friendship and new share of the arabian horse love! Congratulations, we wish you the best of luck with this fantastic colt !

Black Arabian colt foal from Sinoan Arabians

T he breeding season is now finish. We are over the moon with a very good season and good results. Now we have to wait the spring 2016 for the new foals!

Sinoan Fayrooz, straight egyptian arabian filly foal born in France at Sinoan Arabians horse stud farm

T he last foal of the season is arrived at Sinoan Arabians. A georgous chesnut filly by our Laheeb Al Nasser son Lahab AlKharafi out of our little queen Hannah Bint Amal. We are more than happy with the foals this year, another fabulous year and we look fordward to meet 2016..

Sinoan Faridah Essuad, straight egyptian black filly

A fter three colts, Sinoan Umniyah Essuad have give us her first filly ! We are really proud of this true jewel, who is the last Sharaf daughter to born in Europe. We name her Sinoan Faridah Essuad, to make an honor to her damline. A picture of her at birth..

Sinoan Fannan El Dahab, Par Bred Palomino colt for sale

I t's with great joy that we welcome the first Arab Half Bred Palomino foal born in Sinoan Arabians. Our young and pretty mare HO Crystal Breath has just offered its first gold jewel, a beautiful colt we named Sinoan Fannan El Dahab ( The artist ( he will recognize ) in gold) . Fannan was born the night of May 14, 2015, an unforgettable day for me. You can find it on the page foals.

Sinoan Faraz El Aswad, black straight Egyptian colt for sale

T he first day of May bring us a beautiful gift! A georgous strong black (without white!) Straight Egyptian arabian colt by our past herd stallion SAR Sharaf El Aswad and Isis Al Sakkarah. This incredible colt was named Faraz (the gift!). Welcome him to the world on our foals pages.

Sinoan Faaz El Aswad, poulain pur sang arabe noir à vendre

A beautiful surprise on this sunday, we are really happy to show you the new black straight egyptian colt, made in Habba, the georgous Sinoan Faaz El Aswad. A true black jewel with extrem type really exotic, signed by Frasera Akbar! Lets him seduce you on his page..

Sinoan Fawar El Aswad, black arabian colt for sale

After more than three weeks of waiting, our black pearl Sinoan Umeerah Essuad give birth to her second colt and first one by Frasera Akbar. A georgous tall and beautiful colt ! Discover him on the 2015 Sinoan Arabian foals pages!

Sinoan Fahdeelah, arabian filly for sale in France

The second mare Bint El Shaikh AQ don't wait a lot to after our black mare Fatima to give birth to her first foal. We are proud to welcome the really big and beautiful filly Sinoan FAHDEELAH. She's also the first daughter of our herd stallion Tameri Maih Jamil ! To see her click on the link !

Sinoan Fayza Essuad, black arabian filly for sale in France

We are more than happy, the first foal of the season is born! To start this spring, our beautiful black lady Fatima Bint Leyl give birth to another beautiful black filly, out of our past herd stallion SAR Sharaf El Aswad. Welcome to the world Sinoan Fayza Essuad ! As we have already keep her full sister born in 2014, Fayza is available for sale, contact us for more informations.

Dalal, arabian horse for sale

News photos of our beautiful Dalal, our arabian colt who is available for sale. More informations on this fabulous colt feel free to contact us.

The stud farm of arabian horse Sinoan Arabians wish you a happy new year 2015

For 2015, Sinoan Arabians wish you a happy new year, full of new ideas and succes ! 2015 will be the year of the changes at Sinoan, we are happy to present you the new pearls who have join us in partnership with arabians lovers, we thanks them again for trust in us. You can visit the pages of our website to find them, and discover our awaitings foals for this spring ! Don't forget to add your comment in our Facebook page: Sinoan Arabians !

Sinoan Arabians in Salon du Cheval

W e are at the Salon du Cheval until December 7 with our herd stallion SAR Sharaf El Aswad and some fillies out of our breeding programm. Don't hesitate to come to meet us there if you can! Contact us for more informations!

New arabian stallion at stud in France

H e's here ! We are really happy to present you the new boy at the farm: SAHEL Ibn Safeen, Straight Egyptian bay colt. Son of Safeen, by Ibn Safinaz and Ebony Sharie (Rodan El Pharo x Fa Saranee by Ruminaja Ali) Sahel is at the farm to grown up and be a future herd sire at Sinoan Arabians ! Thanks Mrs M. to trust in us !


T his friday we got a nice visit from people who come to discover our horses. Thanks for sharing the love of arabian horses with us, it was a great pleasure ! After this day we finish by a nice time in cariage with the arabian mare of our friend Laurence Dohm, thank you !

Black Arabian foals for sale photos

W e have make a new photos session of all the foals. Enjoy to see them in our foals page.

Aliya Mystere Anisah photos

T his monday we received the visit of our friend Marianne with her family. It was a very nice day, and a pleasure for them to see their mare, who is in foal to the beautiful Alfabia Safir. To discover Anisah (Aliya Mystere) click on her picture!

Sinoan El Marees photos

O ur proud and joy Sinoan El Marees have find a new home ! Congrats to his new owners and new Straight Egyptian arabian horses lovers. We wish you a lot of joy, hapiness and succes with this fantastic, one and only Sinoan El Marees !

Sharaf photos

W e have do a new photo shoot of the king SAR Sharaf El Aswad. Take a few minutes to see him. Sharaf is an amazing stallion, full of kindness, type, essence and a body to die for! It's a real pleasure for me to share with you his news photos. Enjoy !

Sinoan Elmaz Aswad photos

J ust after this fantastic visit, Sinoan Umniyah Essuad give birth to her third foal ! IHe's the full brother to Sinoan Shamal Aswad born in 2012. We have name him Sinoan Elmaz Aswad (the black diamond!). He's the last son of DF Kamar born in Europe ! He's available for sale, contact-us for more informations on this magnificent colt.

A fabulous meeting this last friday ! Visitors come to us, and we enjoy a full time of love and share the passion of the Straight Egyptian arabian horse ! Many thanks to them for visiting us and enjoy to see our horses ! Hope to see you soon again at the farm !

Tameri Maih Jamil photos

N ews photos of our young stallion Tameri Maih Jamil ! I would like to show you the change in only some months ! This young stallion change every day and we are so proud of him, stay in touch in 2015 to see his first foals !

Sinoan Elham Essuad photos

T this months of may start very well with the born of the fourth filly from our mare Sana, out of the stallion HA Al Zahir who was sold last year to Egypt. Go to see her page to meet her !

Sinoan Arabians horses pictures

W ith the spring, a lot of news, new foals, new arrivals etc, we post a lot of new pictures on our Facebook page. I invite you to visit the Facebook page of Sinoan Arabians, and "like" it, then each time we post a new picture you can see it! Click on this pic to go to our FB page !

Poulain arabe bai pur égyptien à vendre

O ur mares don't want to let us take a rest! After Isis and Fatima, it's Sinoan Aleeyah who give birth to a wonderful colt by SAR Sharaf El Aswad! This most awaiting foal is just incredible. El Marees is a replica of his multiple grand grand father Moniet El Sharaf.

Arabian horses pictures

W e invite you to visit the Facebook page of Sinoan Arabians, and "like" it, then each time we post a new picture you can see it! Click on this pic to go to our FB page !

El Nafis arabian stallion

T he beautiful Sinoan Shaymah Essuad was shown this week end in Qatar. We are so honored that one of our homebred filly go to a very big and wellknow show. Many thanks to her owner for this wonderful new, we see that Shaymah was amazing, that make us so proud ! Congrats and good luck for the future !

Sinoan Daifah foals

W e received some news from our beautiful Sinoan Daifah, who was sold to Saudi Arabia last year. Many thanks to her proud owner to send us some news of our little girl, we are so happy to see both of them happy togethers!

Lahab Al Kharafi

W e welcome at stud LAHAB ALKHARAFI, incredible Straight Egyptian arabian stallion from Al Kharafi arabians in Kuwait.
LAHAB is a unique stallion, direct son of LAHEEB AL NASSER.
His grandsire are AL ADEED AL SHAQAB and SALAA EL DINE !
He's a TRIPLE ANSATA HALIM SHAH, and his dam is a daughter of Mathea M, by MAYSOUN and MESOUDAH M, the dam of the legend MISHAAL HP.
Special thanks to his owner to believe in us and give Lahab his chance for breeding in Europe.
Don't miss this UNIQUE opportunity !
Contact us to book your breeding !

Sinoan Arabians sales list

A nother of our offspring will leave our farm soon for her new home. We wish Sinoan Dahinah a wonderful life in her new home in Switzerland. Congratulations to her new owner and new partner of our breeding programm.

Advertissement Sharaf

T he Christmas time will be soon here and already bring us a new jewel! This give us the idea to offer some breedings of our stallions available at discount price. Normally we offer 10% discount. This year it's 30% who is offer to you! (This offer is available until 1st of December 2013, for 2014 breeding season, conditions availables on request). Check our stallions's page to choose the sire of your future foal and discover the new pearl of Sinoan!

Tameri Maih Jamil photo
Sinoan Sheehab photo

W e congratulate the news proud owners of Sinoan Sheehab Al Din! We wish you the best with this fantastic boy, you are so lucky to own such a wonderful boy! We are again very happy to share a part of our breeding programm with very nice peoples.

Sinoan Sheehab Al Din photo
DF Kamar photo

T his week, two of our pearls left our farm to join their new home in Egypt. We will miss them but for sure they will be incredible sire in the country of their origins. Congratulations to the new owner. Good luck DF Kamar and Sinoan Nile Echo raf !

Sinoan Dahinah photo

T he georgous Hannah daughter Dahinah is growing soooo beautiful. There is new picture of her and her dam online. Dahinah is offering for sale. Don't miss this unique opportunity! Her sire is the beautiful HA Al Zahir recently exported to Egypt. There is no more filly by him availble at the moment.

Frasera Akbar photo

T his september month is full of moving ! After the departure recently of our young boy HA Al Zahir to Egypt, we are very happy to show you a new black pearl: Frasera AKBAR. This incredible stallion come from Italy and will be available at stud for next breeding season! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to add a new blood in your breeding programm! Don't forget that for each breeding reserved before December 31, 2013 we offer 10% off the stud fees. More information on this beautiful boy click on his portrait!

Frasera Akbar photo
HA Al Zahir photo

T his end of the month is marked by the departure of one our stallion, HA Al Zahir, for a return to the source, because he goes to Egypt. We are extremely proud of it and wish him a lot of succes there. He's the sire of Sinoan Dahjjal (available for sale), Sinoan Dahinah (At stud for the future), Sinoan Daifah Essuad (sold to UAE).

Moniet El Sharaf photo

F or this month of August, we would like to invite you in the past, to discover the famous ancestrors of our horses. You can visit our Facebook page to see them. We start with the incredible Moniet El Sharaf who is know all around the world. He's in the pedigree of our stallion SAR Sharaf El Aswad.

Esquisse Designs photo

W e are extremely happy to introduce you to the new Sinoan Arabians website. We believe that this one is more representative and suits far better our Black Pearls!
Many thanks to Gaelle Drappier (Esquisse Designs) for her skills and fastidiousness, don't hesitate and contact her if you want a pro website too!

Give us your first impressions on our facebook page!

facebook invitation photo

Follow us on Facebook!

Sinoan Dora Bint Mishaal photo

T his month begins with the foaling season's ending! And what a gift!
I am very happy to introduce you to the 2013 Sinoan's Pearl, and it's a filly! The first and last European daughter of the beloved Mishhal HP, US Multichampion gone far too soon, earlier this year. Her dam in a fantastic mare with a mindblowing pedigree.

Meet Sinoan Dora Bint Mishaal!

Sinoan Dora Bint Mishaal photo